Khimera Sea & Fly Consulting is a company developed around the customer and his needs. The company proposes the best solution to purchase and manage a helicopter, a business jet and a yacht.

Helicopters, yachts and business aviation consultancy

Khimera Sea & Fly Consulting addresses the needs of Italian and European businesses involved in the construction, sales, transport and charter of helicopters, business jets, and yachts. They also advise and assist private individuals so that they can enjoy the most effective way to manage their assetts.




  • Commercial Management
  • Management fo Marketing
  • Valuations and optimisation of running costs.

Analysis/Business Development

  • Potential growth study and ongoing monitoring of progress.
  • Identification of new business opportunities
  • Sales and Marketing strategy development


  • Research and identification of new and used aircraft with particular attention to the needs of the client and market conditions.
  • Analysis of advantages and disadvantages connetced to the purchase of product
  • Colation and execution of necessary paperwork and certification in various countries.
  • Research of optimum solution for the management of the product (TPP, Charter)

Helicopter/yacht interface enginnering

Identifying, understanding, and elaborating upon the wishes and expectations of the client, as well as resolving problems is a primary part of Khimera Sea & Fly Consulting mission statement. For this reason, and thanks to an outstanding partnership agreement with Leonardo Engineering & Research, today teh company is able to offer their clients:

  • Development and Design of landing areas and helipads
  • Feasability studies of landing areas and helipads
  • Studies to increase the potential of a vessel’s flight deck for it’s ability to operate multiple hekicopters contemporaneously
  • Evaluation of the handling abilities of medium weight helicopters aboard vessels (Ship to Helicopter Operating Limitations)

Software and apps

Khimera Sea & Fly Consulting is dedicated also to the elaboration and creation of software and hardware solutions for Aeronautical and Naval application in the technical and commercial market worldwide.

We are pleased to announce you that the new application Tomorrow’s Flights will be soon launched.