About Khimera

Khimera Sea & Fly Consulting is a highly specialised management and marketing company in the field of civil aviation and yachting. The company was founded by Massimo Vilardi in September 2011. His passion for aviation and many years of experience and technical knowledge made him sought after for his ability to respond to  the needs of companies operating in the field of aviation, specifically:

  • Knowledge of the market and business development
  • Know-how in resolving problems connected to pertinent regulations
  • Ability to resolve difficulties connected to sales and after-sales

Images provided courtesy of Bombardier Inc.

Khimera Sea & Fly Consulting also offers services to individuals :

  • Charter (helicopters, business jets, yachts)
  • Assistance in sales and purchase
  • Assistance in resolving after sales issues
  • Valuation surveys
  • Resolution of technical problems

Thanks to Massimo’s outstanding knowledge of the market, the strategic relationships he has forged over many years, and the obsessive attention to the needs of his clients, today Khimera Sea & Fly Consulting has become a reference point in Italy and Europe for customers who need a trustworthy consultant available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

What is a Khimera

A monster of the most singular, lyon in front, serpent behind and goats in the middle.
A terrifying creature, huge, fast, whose breath was impossible to extinguish a flame, the chimera is now considered a very complex symbol, an imaginary creations from the depths of the unconscious, representing the unfulfilled desires.

Nothing that is great is achieved without chimeras .
John Ernest Renan

She seduces and loses one who comes to her, a monster that can not fight head on and need to go after the surprise in the deepest lairs.

The founder

Massimo Vilardi

Massimo Vilardi

An aerospace engineer and a private fix wing pilot, Massimo Vilardi has an experience of over 15 years in sales and marketing of helicopters.

During his early career he was a Technical Engineer at Agusta Westland and worked for 12 years with Eurocopter, the world’s leading manufacturer of helicopters. Here he focused on the development of product improvement strategies, the follow-up of aeronautical regulations, as well as civilian and government sales in Italy and in France and the management of business in the private helicopter market.

Since 2003 he has focused his professional efforts to the development of strategic partnerships – particularly in the yachting market by promoting helicopters as the perfect tender for yachts.

After a brief experience as Commercial Director at Monacair, a supplier to HSH the Prince of Monaco, Massimo Vilardi founded his own society Khimera Sea & Fly Consulting.